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Indian Astrology

Swa-Bhavi is an honest attempt by Astrologer Shri Kaushik Vyas to bring and reveal the real truth of ancient destroyed science of Astrology which has effects on Human body, mind, relation, diseases, karma etc. very scientifically.

Invasions, barbaric acts and destruction in the past destroyed not only temples and holy places of India but also destroyed very important Granthas (Religious & Scientific research ancient valuable books and scriptures) where lot of knowledge of Yoga, Ayurveda, Jyotish Shastras, Khagol Shastras (Astrology & Astronomy), Nyay (legal), Darshan (Vision of self empowered) was covered.

Shri Kaushik Vyas at the Swabhavi is trying humbly to contribute a little to the cause of reproducing the Vedic knowledge of Astrology. Shri Narendra Modi, Hon'ble Prime Minister of India, passionate about regaining the India's glory of being Jagad Guru (World Guru) is a valid call once again.

In ancient times of Hrishi, Muni, Guru, these very virtues were considered that of a BRAHMIN. Brahmin is not caste, Brahmin is not only well educated but who is always close to Brahma (Param tatva - Parmeshwar - God Well Wishers of Human being).

Knowledge of Astrology is like ocean and I have single drop of it, but I will try my level best to help you in every circumstances and if I have no answer to your question or query, it will be accepted politely.

Knowledge is to live properly, harmless to any one, always useful to any one if rich or poor, if young or old if female or male without any expectations or bias. No doubt this is me, most welcome to the website of Swa-Bhavi.

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