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Spiritual Indian Astrology

Indian Astrology

Astrology, in particular the Indian Astrology is a rare and a secret knowledge. Many a Pundits also regard it as the Fifth Veda. Lord of the lords Mahadeva first enlightened his first disciple Rishi Brughu with this fifth Veda. Astrology is a pure science. It’s no miracle. Nor is it blessing of any god or goddess. Let’s go one step further, it is myth to believe that this rarest of the rare knowledge is achieves by sheer meditation. For any knowledge, Guru, authentic books and in depth study are essential.

The basic philosophy of Hinduism is based on birth cycle. The present birth is based on Whatever deed you did in your earlier birth. Here the time and motion concept of noted scientist Einstein is of immense relevance. Likewise, astrology heavily depends on the planetary position (motion), Time and Place at the time of birth. Horoscope tells you minute detail of what is going to happen from Birth to death.

It is most astonishing to note that through astrology you can know on which direction lay the head of the mother at the time of birth, how many persons were present at the time of actual birth, their gender, so much so whether the female gender was married, unmarried or widow. As if this is not enough the horoscope goes to extent of throwing light as to why a child has taken birth in the present womb. The present birth from this particular womb is the outcome of what deeds he did in the previous birth.

True, many predictions made by astrologers go wrong. But the fault lies not with astrology, for astrology is a pure science, but with the astrologers who are not equipped with adequate knowledge of astrology. This ‘fly by night ‘astrologers do irreparable damage to astrology, for they indulge in many customs, Vidhis and Vidhans witch go astray. It is highly incorrect to attach astrology just with Hinduism, while the Hinduism or Vedic thought and concept is all open ended, and an open philosophy and science. And for that matter, the astrology, being a Cosmic science, is a distinct field standing away from religion. It is universal. Astrology is an ocean and there is any astrologer claiming to possess vast knowledge has just a drop of it.

Astrologers do not wield in a magical wand merely by visiting an astrologer does not solve all your problems, but they will definitely tell you weather the phase you are passing through is good or bad and how long will it last, and a way out of, it if it is there.
Don’t be led away by misleading advertisement by astrologers, Tantriks, Aghoris, etc.. urging “come to us, we have solution to all your problems even impossible problems” The astrologer does not teach astrology, this is deception. I have a pure, honest and innocent astrology. No trapping no foul play.

May it be any food stuff, liquid, trees, plants, flowers, everything has some special effect of one planet or the other. Similarly a planet is good or bad for a particular person. Strangely remedies for the ill effect is available in the same planet. Planets are governed by their own god or goddess, and no other god or goddess has any jurisdictions over other planets except their own. If you are influenced by the ill effects of a particular planet, then you worship and please that particular god or goddess and none other. And this will definitely yield good results.

It is worth mentioning that the Mantra Shastras of Hinduism are very deep and definite. Each and every Letter is controlled by some specific planet. The Mantras emanate from the Letters. And Mantras so derived from this letters do away the bad effects and push the man to the spiritualism.

The earth’s circumference at equator is around 38000 kilometer. Which takes 24 hours to revolve around the earth. That means earth’s speed is approximately 3000 km per hours on its axis. And it rotate around the sun at the speed around 17 times more than it does on its axis. Like wise all planet have their own speed on their axis as well as around the sun.

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