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Swabhavi Services

Medical Astrology

It is said "Pratham Sukh Nirogi Kaya" means "Health is Wealth". This report too is no less important. Your Horoscope will tell you the deficiency of any kind in your body. In the modern age which is full of stress and tension, pollution of threesome, Air, Water and noise and the advent of new fatal and lethal diseases LIKE Cancer, HIV, etc., it is too hard to find a man without any disease.

The medical astrology will the tell medical profile of a person,and will also prophecies the diseases he is prone to. The medical astrology will also suggest possible cure and preventive measures.

Love Report

It is our empirical experience that majority of cases that we receive for solution or guidance, concern love. For making a love report aspects like physiques of partners, their habits, likes and dislikes, their interpersonal relationship.

Astrology for Career

This involves jobs or Business after marriage, job satisfaction and stability, security and financial stability. credit, prestige, status in the society. These have effects of the Major Nine Planets which can be divided into 4 main categories, benefic planets, mild and soft planets, malefic planets, cruel and brutal planets.

The major Nine planets as per Vedic Astrology can be categorized as Benefic planets – Jupiter and Venus, mild and soft planets – Moon and Mercury, Malefic Planets- Saturn, Rahu and Ketu, Cruel and brutal planets – Sun and Mars.

Their positions and various factors play a role in one's career, business, business after marriage, job satisfaction and stability, and lots of other departments related with financial stability and status.

Matrimonial Match Making

Every one knows that ready made software is available nowadays on the subject for a meager price of R s 35 to 40. Such software is based merely on planets, they do not take into account the position of the other planets, except MOON. Match making is a serious issue involving two lives and therefore needs a thorough study of all the eight planets, their position before making a report.

We weigh Their Psychological aptitude, their ideology, their likes, dislikes, possibilities of having kids, male/female, after marriage, The report will throw light on financial position, career, relations with in-laws post marriage, besides, Dharma/Karma and spirituality.

Personalized Astrology

Every one of us would like to know the future or any specific matter according to Horoscope. This is one question that every one of us would like to know, Swa-Bhavi brings you online Vedic, Academic, Scientific & Spiritual way of Astrological counseling on all the aspects of your life. Astrology can provide you with some answers, encompassing all the important areas of life.

We bring you the best of this ancient science in-depth analysis and predictions in the areas of your appearance, nature, likes, dislikes, Your thinking, attitude, way of Presentation, marriage, kids, family, education, money, career, spirituality. You can choose any of these to know more according to your horoscope.

Spiritual Indian Astrology

Astrology, in particular the Indian Astrology is a rare and a secret knowledge. Many a Pundits also regard it as the Fifth Veda. Lord of the lords Mahadeva first enlightened his first disciple Rishi Brughu with this fifth Veda. Astrology is a pure science. It’s no miracle. Nor is it blessing of any god or goddess. Let’s go one step further, it is myth to believe that this rarest of the rare knowledge is achieves by sheer meditation. For any knowledge, Guru, authentic books and in depth study are essential.

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